Kovvur Govt. Degree College,
West Godavari.

Staff List
S.No Name of the Faculty Designation Qualifications  Awards
1 Prof J.Suneetha Principal M.Sc,M.Phil,Ph.D.  State Best Teacher award
2 V.Srinivasa Rao Lecturer in Physics M.Sc -
3 A.Sai Sundar Lecturer in Chemistry M.Sc,B.Ed -
4 K.N.Suryanarayana Lecturer in Commerce M.Com,B.Ed,PGDRS -
5 G.Narasimham Lecturer in Commerce M.Com,M.Phil,M.B.A,PGDCA -
6 Dr M.Bhupathi Rayalu Lecturer in Botany M.Sc,Ph.D -
7 Sadik Ahmed Mohammed Lecturer in Chemistry M.Sc -
8 J.Rajeswararao Lecturer in Telugu M.A -
9 Dr K.Sita Mahalakshmi Lecturer in Political Science M.A, M.Phil, Ph.D -
10 Dr P.Jayanand Kumar Lecturer in Economics M.A,Ph.D -
11 K.Janardhan Rao Lecturer in Mathematics M.Sc -
12 Smt K.Jyothi Lecturer in Commerce M.Com,B.Ed -
13 S.Madar saheb Lecturer in English M.A,B.Ed -
14 V.Tirupathi Rao Librarian M.A, M.LISc, M.Phil Best Librarian Award by Govt of A.P 2016 & by Nagarjuna University 2012
15 Dr V.Kanchana Mala Lecturer in Hindi M.A,M.Phil,Ph.D,DIH,DIE, SDIS,Sahitya Ratna National Best Teacher award by Tejaswi Astitwa foundation
16 Smt.J Ratna Vinola Lecturer in English M.A -
17 Smt. R Sireesha Senior Assistant M.A -
18 D.Satish Contract Lecturer in Zoology M.Sc,B.Ed -
19 P.Mani Raju Guest Lecturer in History M.A,LLB -
20 Kum S.Kavya Guest Lecturer in Botany M.Sc -
21 Kum S.Vijaya Lakshmi Guest Lecturer in Mathematics M.Sc -
22 Ch.Siva Kumar Guest Physical Director B.Com,B.Ped -